Monday, November 24, 2008

I have so many products, now I need to sell them

I've made thousands of dollars by just doing what I love to do the most: using all my energy and focusing power to create uplifting products. I AM an up-lifter.

And now I'm starting to sell my products directly, or in powerful JVs.

Fortunately for me, there are are lots of people interested, and fortunately for them I'm the right person for those partners because what I love is to create the so-called win-win partnerships. (Usually those JV last for many good years, in fact I'm still in several productive JVs and partnerships.)

My "thing" is Music and Video (many years on the field of self-improvement area, uplifting pro-relax music and self-help audios). I also love to create software products related to audio and video.

I know how to sell them, and I know that there's a moment when one has achieved enough confidence to start delegating tasks to some other brilliant people.
I have a huge list of ready-to-use products to sell, and since I want to play in the major leagues now, resources to sell those products worldwide are useful and appreciated.

Oh, by the way, I'm in a marketing forum full of great "warriors", I'm there to teach and learn... I'll post my personal thoughts about this new phase of my life on this blog. I'm glad you're interested. If you are interested in that forum -and I think you should- go here.

Gaby de Vaux

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